Tidbits of Wisdom on Marriage Part1

After always being the “designer and never the bride.” And after giving countless tips on wedding planning based on what I’ve witnessed with my own brides and other weddings I’ve attended… it’s my turn to be a bride and I’m finally getting married on March 10, 2013. =)

I still feel like it’s a long way from now, but my fiancé, Martin, and I have decided to finish everything as early as possible. It sounds ridiculous but we’ve booked 90% of our suppliers since most of them are trusted friends who happen to be involved in the wedding industry. But beyond wedding planning, we feel that it’s important to choose Principal Sponsors who have made a significant impact to our lives while growing up. We chose mainly siblings of our parents, some of whom we see every single week and individuals who we personally admire. We will actually forego several wedding rituals such as cake cutting, release of doves, garter games etc. but visiting our Ninongs and Ninangs to formally ask them to be part of our wedding is a non-negotiable tradition for both of us.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve picked up so far:

Sponsor 1: “You have to make time for your family, it can’t always be about work. At the beginning, you may start with very little. Don’t worry so much about money, as long as you work hard and make sacrifices it will come.”

Sponsor 2: “Make sure to spend time together, it can be as simple as going to the grocery or doing errands. What matters is you enjoy each other’s company.”

Sponsor 3: “The secret to success is simple: live an honest life and pray hard. “On sharing a business, “managerial styles may be different but what’s important is the end goal is the same.”

Sponsor 4: “The secret to a happy marriage is two words: yes dear… My wife and I never quarrel… A story was also shared which made perfect sense: “A monk was asked why two people shout when they are angry at each other. Obviously it’s not because they are geographically far apart or they can’t hear each other but it’s because their hearts are away from each other. When two people are in love, they only need to talk in whispers.” His wife also told us “Have a simple life, no need to be extravagant. If you’re too high up, everyone will notice you fall down.”

Sponsor 5: “You have to let your spouse win sometimes, things can’t always go your way. Sometimes, you have to watch action movies instead… Each night, before my husband and I go to sleep, we hold hands. It works for us, I can’t sleep if I’m not holding his hand. Find your own small way of showing your partner that you care.”

Sponsor 6: “You should set goals, so you’ll be hungrier to work hard… It’s good that a couple balances out each other and that you know your goals as individuals and as a couple.”

Sponsor 7: “You should surround yourself with positive vibes… We understand and accept from the beginning what kind of individuals we are. Two lives need not necessarily function as one, you each can still go on and achieve your personal goals.”

Sponsor 8: “You should travel and experience new things, don’t get too comfortable with routine.”

Taking time to visit each of our ninongs and ninangs to be part of our wedding allows us to introduce each other and to get to know their own unique stories. For us, it’s actually the best part of planning a wedding. Their insights actually remind us why we are taking this leap in the first place. More tidbits of Wisdom to come! 😉


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Compelled by fresh inspired ideas and with an exacting approach to proportion and fit, Camille Garcia creates a bridal couture aesthetic that is distinctively refined and polished.

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