Bryn’s Draped Dress for a Grecian Wedding

Camille Garcia Wedding DressI was off to Leonis Summer House in Mykonos, Greece for one of my best friend’s wedding!=) I never would have imagined that I would be attending a wedding in of the most beautiful islands in Greece! Bryn and I were best friends way way back in high school, in Poveda. She would be constantly moving since her mom worked in foreign affairs but that didn’t stop our friendship at all. In fact, she flew in all the way to Manila from Rhode Island to attend my wedding! Just less than three months after, I was with her again this time with my husband for her and John’s wedding.

The ceremony, although the language was in Greek, was beautiful though we all got carried away throwing rice and petals at the newlyweds, there were no throwing of plates apparently that’s mostly in the movies! It was deeply emotional to see her entire family again after over a decade. Tita Rennell, Bryn’s mom was already in tears the moment Bryn slipped into her wedding dress. Right then and there I felt I was given a pat on the back for approval.=) Honestly the dress looked much better than I could have imagined, it was definitely special… It looked a thousand times better on her than on the dress form when the gown was here in Manila. Her wedding reception flowed so seamlessly, there was no emcee but everyone knew their roles and cues. Whenever anyone made a speech, the crowd was so silent you can actually hear people sniffing from crying. It was such a profound honor to create both her wedding gowns, it’s not everyday that a best friend can say “hey I made the bride’s wedding gown.” That’s definitely something else, isn’t it? =)

The gorgeous photos are by Anna RoussosCamille Garcia Wedding Dress

Camille Garcia Wedding Dress

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Compelled by fresh inspired ideas and with an exacting approach to proportion and fit, Camille Garcia creates a bridal couture aesthetic that is distinctively refined and polished.

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