Bride and Breakfast Feature: Camille Garcia RTW Fleur Collection

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When I found out that my RTW Wedding Gowns from my Fleur Collection were featured at Bride and Breakfast, of course I was beyond ecstatic! I really wanted Filipino Women to be more open minded about unconventional styles and to see wedding gowns in a refreshing perspective. Filipino women tend to stick to the trends especially with what they see with celebrities and with their friends’ weddings, it’s time to slip away from the cookie cutter mold, to be unique and to shine in your own light.

This collection is so diverse ranging from off-shoulder necklines to long sleeves, sheath to A-line silhouettes to address the needs of real women with different assets or even issues. Let’s face it, very few of us have the makings of Victoria’s Secret models and yet during our wedding day, we all dream to look fresh, elegant, beautiful and captivating. And why not?! It’s our wedding! What’s best about my RTW wedding dresses is that they are only made in the same design and materials once. Yep ONCE. I can’t imagine creating the same exact gown 10 or even 100 times simply in varying sizes.

This is my continuing ode to diversity, cheers!

View the Bride and Breakfast feature here


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Compelled by fresh inspired ideas and with an exacting approach to proportion and fit, Camille Garcia creates a bridal couture aesthetic that is distinctively refined and polished.

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