Cheryl, Shrek’s Fiona

Strange caption huh? Let me explain. Cheryl’s husband is Raymond who is known to most as “Shrek” well because he has somewhat of a resemblance to Shrek (not the ogre of course!) but in human form.

Raymond and Che are really good friends of my husband and I, we used to all do CrossFit at the same box (the very first one at Magnitude Building near Eastwood). We used to be obsessed with CrossFit bordering cult-like. If I remember correctly, the very first time I met Che was actually at the parking lot outside the box. I remember telling Shrek “wag mo nang papakawalan yan!” Even my sister hugged Che the very first time she met her because she was so excited for Shrek. (Yep we are all very interrelated!) Basically us friends all approved of Che, botong-boto kumbaga! She was pretty,  smart, entrepreneurial, athletic (she can run for miles and miles literally! ang lakas ng baga niya), is always cheerful and got along so well with everyone! We would tell Ray that he is very lucky to have Che just to tease him but you know what Che’s lucky to have him. Most importantly Che knows that too.

Photos: Pat Dy | Reception: Marriott | Ceremony: Santuario de San Jose

R&C_0514 copy

Also created this dress for her mom, I liked how it looked so refreshing and elegant.

R&C_0618 copyR&C_0616 copy

Also created the gowns for Che’s ladiesR&C_0650 copy

Yep, she is an only girl and the youngest too! Though she is nothing like the stereotype.

R&C_0633 copyR&C_0722 copyR&C_0738 copy

Sadly we no longer do CrossFit (reality struck, I’ve got 2 kids now) except for Che who still goes to boot camp. As you can see in her photos she looks amazing! And toned!

R&C_0953 copy

R&C_1068 copyR&C_1347 copyR&C_1481 copyR&C_1490 copy

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