Blushing Bride Glaiza


There are people who brighten up the room the moment they enter, that’s how Glaiza is like. She’s has an inviting energy about her, she’s not hyperactive or anything like that, she’s exactly how soon to be brides should be like–excited in the best possible way and gracefully handling it all.

I literally drew the beadwork on her French Lace ball gown by hand, I didn’t use templates or already made embroidery. I drew what I simply felt was right for Glaiza.

It’s absolutely no surprise that we were giddy happy each time she had a fitting, she obviously looked beautiful and each time we are all left with a little more energy and a couple of notches happier.

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Compelled by fresh inspired ideas and with an exacting approach to proportion and fit, Camille Garcia creates a bridal couture aesthetic that is distinctively refined and polished.