Bridal Boutique

Address Glass Garden Events Venue 257 Evangelista Ave. Santolan, Pasig City, Philippines

Mobile Nos. +63917 8694383, +63918 942 9959     |    Tel Nos. 501 3610, 345 6793


Facebook  Camille Garcia Bridal Couture     |    Instagram   @camillegarciadesigns

Boutique Hours Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. By appointment only.

Note: To fit Ready to Wear Bridal Gowns, there’s no need to schedule an appointment.


Camille Garcia Bridal Boutique

A lot of thought and exhaustive effort went to the completion of my bridal boutique. While I was still studying in San Francisco, it was my dream to have a boutique that’s spacious, crisp and elegant. I just felt that brides to be deserved to have their fittings in a space that’s worthy of the occasion. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, who wouldn’t want to fit in a beautiful space to match a beautiful bride? Even before your wedding day, a bride should already be blushing as she sees herself in her wedding gown for the very first time.

My bridal boutique is located within an exquisite lush garden venue, The Glass Garden Events Venue, 257 Evangelista Ave. Brgy. Santolan in Pasig City.

Camille Garcia Bridal Boutique

I wanted brides to feel even more excited about getting married once they step into the Tiffany blue and white rooms filled with nothing but sparks of dreams and beautiful wonders.

Camille Garcia Bridal Boutique Camille Garcia Bridal Boutique

Camille Garcia Bridal Boutique


303 thoughts on “Bridal Boutique

      1. hello. camille i wanted also to know how much if i have my own design. i sent you email before but you didnt replied yet. maybe your busy.. hope to hear from you soon


  1. Hello. can i ask if you are making and designing a cocktail dress for prom? please send me the details at my e-mail. Thanks!

  2. Hi Camille,

    We’re looking at the Glass Garden’s Ultimate Wedding Package which includes a bridal gown made by you. Can u send me your bridal packages as well? Thanks in advance!

  3. And please add some gowns for the entourage and flower girls. And how much is the gown that the glass garden emails? Thank you again!

  4. Dear Camille,
    Can you send me your bridal entourage package?
    My daughter is getting married in December.She will come from
    the U.S. after graduate studies.Is it possible to make the gown even
    if she’s not here?Please include your rates.They have a small budget.New graduates.
    Thank you very much for your attention.

    1. Hi Ma’am Laura,

      Yes its possible to make the gown even if she’s not here. I can send her a very detailed and easy to follow measurement guide. Also I will request for a non-knit dress that’s fitted to her body for added reference. Once she arrives, she needs to have a fitting with me immediately in case of any adjustments.

  5. Hi there, Im getting married in Dec and currently looking for a bridal gown designer. Could you send me your rates and packages? Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi, Can you customize a package for bride + 2mothers only? I do not have an entourage. Wedding is on Sept, by the way. Thanks!

  7. Hi! Could you send me your bridal packages and some available sketch designs? Thank you!
    I’m getting married in December 2012. Could you send me your bridal packages and some photos of the clothes? thanks

  8. I’m getting married in December 2012. Could you send me your bridal packages and some photos of the clothes? thanks

  9. Hi! Would just like to ask for a copy of your wedding package/rates too and a bridal gown alone excluding the entourage. Thanks!

  10. Hello Camille,
    I am planning my wedding for August next year. I wonder if you can send me your package rate and some of your bridal and bridesmaids photos. Thank you very much.

  11. Hello Ms. Camille,

    Can you send me bridal packages and do you have gown rentals for entourage?. thanks and more power.



  12. Hi,

    I’m looking at your comments section and noticed that people are asking for the bridal packages. Is the one posted in your packages tab not updated? If not, can you send me your updated packages too? My wedding is on December this year. =)

  13. hi ms camille,, i already have the design of my wedding dress,, i already send it to your email.. cn i have a quotation of that particular gown? tnx ms. camille..

  14. May I please have the details about you bridal packages and rates. I also like to ask if you are accepting made to order. Thanks!

  15. Hi,

    I would like to inquire about the tie-up you have with The Glass Garden for their comprehensive package. Do you have specific gown designs for this package?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jen,

      The type of gowns included in the Comprehensive Package with Glass Garden is Made to Order gowns. There is no fixed design for this package. I will still design a gown that is unique for you.

  16. Hi Camille!
    I am planning to hold my reception at the glass garden and they sent me your profile. Im interested with your wedding packages. Can you send me infos at Will it also be possible if you give me a quote if i have a specific gown in mind?where can i send it?thanks

  17. hi dear i am in love with ur gowns! my sister has a salon in uzbekistan, central asia and would like to present some of ur creations in her shop. will u kindly send me your catalogue along with retailer price list? thank you

  18. Dear Camille

    My wedding is on 2nd week of January 2012. I’m still overseas and would go to the Phils on the 3rd wk of October 2011. Can you still accomodate me? If yes, please send me your bridal package.


  19. Hi! I would like to find out how much it would cost (just a ballpark figure) to have 4 bridesmaid dresses made. And if possible, we also need 5 vests for the groomsmen. The gowns are simple—a-line, floor length, either v-neck or square neckline (all sleeveless) in chiffon.

    Also, can you tell me what your payment terms are?


    Sincerely Yours,
    Carmencita Arriola

  20. Hi Camille,

    Can you quote me on:

    bride’s mother
    groom’s mother
    2 flower girls
    2 maids of honor
    4 bridesmaids


    for bride and bride’s mother only.


  21. hi, this is Bernadette i would be happy if you can send me some of your wedding packages for 2012?? Thanks alot!!!

  22. Hi Miss Camille,

    Can you please send me your wedding packages,

    maid of honor
    2 bridesmaids
    3 sponsors
    2 mothers
    1 little bride
    4 flower girls

  23. Hi can you send me a quotation on below:

    bride’s wedding gown
    groom’s suit
    bride’s mother
    groom’s mother

    this is for a january 2013 wedding and we’re working on our budget.


  24. Hi Ms. Camille 🙂

    May I request for a price quotation for a vintage-glam inspired wedding gown?
    Would be very glad to hear from you.

    Thanks 🙂

  25. Hello Camille,

    I am interested to find out rates/package for our wedding in November 2013. We are based in California. Would you also happen to have pictures for menswear? Thanks!

    Wedding Gown
    Groom’s Tux
    1 Best Man
    3 Groomsmen
    1 Maid/Matron of Honor
    3 Bridesmaids
    3 (pairs) Secondary Sponsors
    1 Ring Bearer
    1 Coin Bearer
    2 Flower Girls

  26. hello kindly send me your bridal packages
    rental packages and personalized packages

  27. Hi camille! I am truly stunned with your work while searching here and truly impressed! As i can say, u touched me with the gowns. Could i please get a quotation for a wedding gown? I am currently abroad and is planning my wedding in 2 months time.. 🙂

  28. hi…i saw ur feature sa wedding essentials…can you kindly send me ur bridal package? thanks

  29. Hi.. I would like to inquire regarding your wedding packages (inclusive of mother of the bride & groom also entourages), do u do rent gowns? (inclusive of entourage and wedding dress). Thank you

  30. Hello Miss Camille,

    Can I also inquire for wedding packages?
    I am very much interested in your designs they are so pretty!


  31. Hello! Can I please have a copy of your wedding packages? and also is it possible to just inquire about your gowns? 🙂 Thank you!

  32. Hi Camille,

    My fiancee and I are here in Saudi but I’ll have my vacation next month and I would like to get in advance rates on the following items below.
    Wedding Gown- for this one, I will send you a sample design which you can follow,
    Groom’s Tux
    1 Best Man
    3 Groomsmen
    1 Maid/Matron of Honor
    3 Bridesmaids
    3 (pairs) Secondary Sponsors
    1 Ring Bearer
    1 Coin Bearer
    3 Flower Girls

    Thank you very much!

  33. Hi Camille:

    Interested in viewing and fitting or RTW gowns.. My future sis in law will be flying in on Dec. Can we go to the boutique without appt?

  34. Hi Ms. Camille!

    Could you please send me a copy of your wedding packages?

    Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon!


  35. Hi camille! can you send me your wedding packages and how long would it take to finish a wedding gown.? Thank you!

  36. Hi! Can we set an appointment with you on Jan. 7, 2012? Or no need for appointment we cand drop by directly to your showroom?

  37. Hi Ms. Camille im Maridess Austria, Filipina, based here in Pisa, Italy. I would like to know how much will it cost for the custom made wedding gown and also for the whole entourage? We’re planning a wedding church by January or February 2014. I really love your gowns!:)

  38. Hi,

    Please send me your wedding package. I have a wedding gown design in mind. I can send you the images for reference.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  39. Hi, Camille! 🙂 I like what I see here and I would like to get your different wedding packages. I’m getting married next year pa naman, but I already have a few pegs in mind na…I hope it’s not too early to inquire :)) Thanks and looking forward!

  40. Hi,
    I would like to inquire about your wedding rates and packages. Wedding is on Dec 2013. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  41. Hi can you send bridal gown rates for me? 🙂 do you have any more designs i can look at? 🙂


  42. Hello maam! Kindly send me your bridal packages.. Id like to know your starting rate for a bridal gown including the gowns of mothers of the bride and groom.. Do you have a specific package for that? Many thanks! 🙂

  43. Hi Camille! I like your work. Could you give me a ballpark figure for bridal gown, 2 mothers and 3 flower girls. Thanks!

  44. Hi! I want to inquire on wedding gowns… Can you send me some informations please. The wedding will be next year. Thank you.

  45. Hi Camille,
    Im interested to see if you have a particular styled gown Im interested in getting. How will we go about sending you a sample picture for you to see. Thanks

  46. Hi Ms. Camille! I’m Warla. Tanong ko lang po kung may wedding gown rental po kayo or if wala magkano po ang range ng simple wedding gown,This June na ang wedding ko. Taga-santolan po ako gusto ko sana visit ng boutique nyo today or bukas if pwede.? tnx!

  47. Hi camille what is your email address. I want to see your designs we are planning to ger married december next year

  48. Hi Ms. Camille, can you send me your bridal package and rates? i really like your creations. thanks!

  49. Hi Camille,

    Can you please send me your packages and rates (for wedding gowns and entourage)? I am currently living in the US but will be getting married in the Philippines in January 2014. Do you also have sample gowns that I can check online? Thanks!

  50. Hi miss camille,

    Can you please send me the packages and rates for weddings for the bride and entourage? Thank you. I’ve sent you an email and still waiting for your reply. 🙂 Thanks!

  51. Hi Camille,
    Your creations are very nice. Kindly do me a favor..Please send a range of price only for a wedding dress. A package will also help. Here’s my email add Thanks

  52. Hello!

    Currently scouting for a designer for a wedding gown. Event will be on January 2015 and would like to see your packages. If it’s alright, would like to get your email address so I could send to you the peg. Alternately, though you could send your package sheet to

    Looking forward to your response 🙂

  53. Hi there Camille! I hope you can give me an estimated package price for 1 wedding gown.. 2 long gowns (mothers).. 9 mini dresses (adult ~simple ones) and 2 mini dresses (kids ~ simple ones) OR any other available wedding packages on your end. Kindly email me back if you need any pictures of the design I wanted for the mini dresses. hope to hear from you soon! thanks!

  54. Hi, kindly send me wedding package that includes the bridal gown and the whole entourage. Wedding is in July 2014 and I like what I see so far for the bridal gown designs based on the pictures in your website. Please advise soonest. And hope to be able to make a trip to your shop soon to see more.

  55. Hi, Camille! Would just like to inquire if it is still possible for you to make my gown in just 2 months? Looking forward to your favorable response. Regards.

  56. Hi I am a bride to be, could you please send me the price of a simple beach wedding dress. I am currently residing in Dubai. Please send me an email. Thanks

  57. hi camille,do you have a package for the bride,groom and little bride?please send me the rates if you do have.:)thank you. my wedding would be on dec 22,2014.

  58. Hi Camille,
    Can I ask for your wedding packages and are you still accepting making wedding entourage for December 23, 2014.

  59. Good evening. I am getting married on Dec. 21,2014. It is going to be a beach/sunset wedding. I have a specific design in mind (even took pictures of sample wedding gowns from different websites) how much is the rate for customized bridal gown and will this include the accessories such as veil, cord, etc.? Thank you.
    P.S email

  60. Hi Camille,

    I am a soon to be bride as well, can you send me your rates for a bridal gown and also if you have packages,please inlcude it.



  61. Hello! Whats your email add pls? We need your help.. Can we ask for a quotation please of a sample gown which we’ll send via email so you can check.. We have a budget of P50k for bridal gown… Hope for your response asap.. Wedding is on Jan 10, 2015. Thanks in advance!

  62. Hi,

    I am interested on your bridal gowns. Please send me your rates or wedding packages. I live in Austria and would like to know the arrangements if you would create my gown. Looking forward.


  63. Hi!

    My friend is about to get married in a few months. Please send me your rates for bridal gown.

    Thank you.


  64. Hi Camille,
    My mum referred me to your website & I have just been admiring your creations – they are beautiful 🙂 My fiancé and I are getting married April next year in Philippines and I’d like to enquire about your gown pricing as well as the feasibility of getting one custom-made for me, considering I will arrive in Manila a couple weeks before the wedding.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance!
    Kind regards,

  65. Good afternoon Miss Camille, aside from wedding gowns, do you also make evening gowns? I really need a gown for my graduation ball this coming October 10. Kindly email me if its possible and also the price range. Thank you so much Miss Camille. 🙂

  66. Hi camille! I am a january 2015 bride to be, but i am based here in canada. I wanted to enquire about your wedding packages. and if it possible for me to get a custom made wedding dress if i’d be in manila in a short period of time before the wedding day. Thank you for your response! Have a good day!

  67. Hi Camille
    I’m interested in prom dresses for my daughter. Can you send me a price range for this? In addition, how long would it take to have a dress custom made? Please email information to Thank you and I look forward in hearing back from you.

  68. Hi! I’d like to inquire about your rates for a formal non beaded long gown. I am going as a guest for a very close friend’s wedding next month. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  69. Hi! Can you please send me your wedding package together with the time frame to finish all gowns? And also your rate for the wedding gown alone? The wedding will be on May 2015. Thanks!

  70. Can you please send me more photos of your RTW wedding gowns? Do you allow renting of gowns? I’m interested in either renting or buying a bridal gown and would like to see the selection. Thanks!

  71. Hi!

    Good evening. An October 2015 bride here. Can you kindly send me your wedding packages? Also, how to set up an appointment for consultation?


  72. Hi Camille! Im interested on your bridal gown, how much is a custom-made? Wedding will be in April 2015. Im in UK and will be there three weeks before the wedding.

  73. Would like to inquire if your have a wedding package (1 mother, 1 maid of honor, 3 secondary sponsor)? If I have my own bridal dress design, how much would it cost (estimate) to make it?

  74. Hello, I just reserved in Glass Garden today. I am planning to avail the comprehensive wedding package. One of the inclusions of the package is my bridal gown. When is the best time to meet you? I live in abroad but I’m coming back there for vacation/wedding preparation this December and in August next year?
    Thank you very much.

  75. Hi Ms. Camille,
    Please send me your best wedding package for complete entourage gowns execept bridal gown thanks!

  76. Hi, I currently need an evening gown for my grad and was wondering how long it would take and how much since I’m from Canada and will be in the Philippines for only 4 weeks 🙂

  77. hi miss camille! id like to request your rates for a gown and for the entourage. if you can kindly email me.thanks!

  78. Hi Ms. Camille! 🙂

    Would like to ask sana if you still accept for december and what’s your rate for bride’s gown plus 2 mother’s gown 🙂

    Thanks! 🙂

  79. Hi camille, I’d like to request for your quotation on wedding dresses. Also if you have a package, I’d like to request for them as well. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

  80. Hi! Good day Miss Camille me and my fiance is currently looking for a custom bridal gown can you please send me the rate and the time frame to finish the gown? Thank you and God Bless

  81. Hi! can you please send me your wedding package? and your RTW as well, it doesn’t load in my pc when I open your link. Thanks ^_^

  82. Hi Ms. Camille! Can you send me wedding packages that you offer? Please include na din po prices ng gowns, kung magpapatahi ako how much etc. Thanks!

  83. Hi, may i request for your bridal package please? Also, do I need to make an appointment to visit your bridal boutique?

    Thanks in advance.

  84. Can i ask for your email address, ma’am? I would like to inquire about a specific design and I need to attach the picture in the mail. 🙂 thanks. 🙂

  85. hi.. i’d like to set for an appointment sana, my cousin is having her debut on june 6,2015..when will it be possible for us to visit your shop? thanks

  86. Hi! Can u please send me your wedding packages? our wedding will be on Nov. 2015. And your location/store? Thank you

  87. Hi.. I would like to inquire about my Debut next year.. If ever, how much will it cost if I rent some gowns of yours? Then.. Can I get a contact number of yours so that we can keep in touch.. I really love your designs and looking forward to see more of it 🙂 thanks! 🙂

  88. Hi Ms. Camille, I am interested in your wedding packages. Our wedding is on December 2015. Can you please send us your wedding package and contact details? Hope you can accommodate us. Thanks so much.

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