Brides from Abroad

Fulfilling your dream of having a custom-made bridal gown is possible even if you are residing outside Manila, Philippines. Below is a step by step procedure to guide the bride along the process and to ensure effective communication between the bride and the designer.

STEP 1: Please answer the questions below and email your response to Should you have difficulty describing your dream wedding gown, you may include photos.

What is your full name? Current country of residence?
When is your wedding day? Where will your reception be?
What is the setting of your reception? (Beach, Outdoors, Hotel etc.)
Describe the look and feel of your dream wedding gown. (Adjectives will do)
What are your body’s best assets? Any areas you want to hide?
Do you have a preferred cut? (Click here for Gown Info) Do you have any preferred fabric?
Do you have a preferred color?
Any preferred construction details: shirring, pleats, flounce?
Any preferred accents: lace, bows, floral details, beadwork?
Do you have a budget range in mind?
Any plans to go to Manila for fitting? Include estimated flight details.

Include full-length pictures (including entourage if applicable): front, side and back view in fitted clothing. Please have your arms at the side for the photos and stand straight. This will guide me to create the design that will best flatter your figure.

STEP 2: A quote will be made based on information and photos provided. Upon booking, the downpayment is 50% based on the agreed price and 50% full payment upon completion of the gown. Bank transfer payments are accepted through Banco De Oro or PayPal. Once the downpayment is settled, a receipt and Service Agreement Form will be sent.

STEP 3: With each new bride, Camille creates new design options. At this point your wedding gown design is a collaborative work in progress, your personal inputs and ideas are taken into consideration for any design changes.

STEP 4: Please note that changes in the design and fabrics to be used must be finalized before production starts. Once the design is finalized, a very detailed and easy to follow measurement guide will be sent or you may refer to this link

STEP 5: Production of your wedding gown begins. Fittings depend largely on your availability and flight schedule. If your schedule permits, there will be a mock dress fitting to check fitting and proportions, and to minimize alterations on the actual bridal gown. Photos of the actual dress without any beadwork or embellishment can be sent so you can see the production progress.

Your dream wedding dress is complete and you’re on your way to become a blushing bride!

Take a look at some of the works I’ve done for brides who are based abroad.

Trish, Blushing Bride from Sydney

Double Photo

Sheena, Blushing Bride from Abu Dhabi

Double Photo

Kimberly, Blushing Bride from Seattle

Blushing Bride Kimberly



Blushing Bride from Dubai

Camille Garcia Wedding Gown

Sarabeth, Blushing Bride from California

Blushing Bride: Sarabeth


Maryrose, Blushing Bride from Australia

Rhona, Blushing Bride from Thailand

camille garcia bride

Maica, Blushing Bride from Doha, Qatar


Pamela, Blushing Bride from California

Pamela Timajo


Karen, Blushing Bride from Brisbane, Australia



Bryn, Blushing Bride from Rhode Island

Blushing Bride Bryn


Jenn, Blushing Bride from New York

Double Photo Jenn


Ann, Gorgeous Bride from Dubai

Blushing Bride Ann


Rhocy Lyn, Blushing Bride from Singapore

Blushing Bride: Rhocylyn


Denesse, Blushing Bride from Singapore

Blusing Bride: Denesse

Honey, Blushing Bride from Melbourne

Blushing Bride: Honey


Camille, Blushing Bride from Melbourne

Double PHOTO_Camille Palor

Patricia, Blushing Bride from Singapore

blushing bride patricia lota


Lei, Blushing Bride from Canada

Lei Rapisura

Jenn, Blushing Bride from Dubai

jenn ching

Kaysie, Blushing Bride from Dubai


Rhea, Blushing Bride from Abu Dhabi


Karen, Blushing Bride from Dubai

Blushing Bride Karen

Jenn, Blushing Bride from California

jenn double photo

Tina, Blushing Bride from Abu Dhabi

blushing bride tina

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  1. Hi!

    I’m planning my wedding next year for the month of august and I wanted to see your colection. Do you have a catalog? Thank you so much!

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