Measurement Guide


A   Shoulder to neck drop _________
B   Shoulder to nipple _________
C   Shoulder to empire _________
D   Shoulder to waist _________
E   Length for drop waist*** _________
F   Dress length (Include shoes’ height) _________
G   Around armhole _________
H   Sleeve length*** _________
I    Shoulder width _________
J   Around Shoulder*** _________
K   Across Chest _________
L   Around under armpits _________
M   Distance between nipples _________
N   Around bust _________
O   Around empire _________
P   Around waist _________
Q   Around 1st hip _________
R   Around 2nd hip _________
      (2nd hip: fullest part of your butt)
S   Back drop _________
T   Shoulder to waist _________
U   Shoulder to 2nd hip _________
V   Across back chest

Weight in Pounds

Height in Feet and Inches




2 thoughts on “Measurement Guide

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