The Wong For You


Kevin and Trish’s wedding hashtag #thewongforyou was so memorable and catchy, I just has to use it as a blog title. Trish, a preschool teacher from Sydney, Australia, sent me an email way back in September 2014 (cannot believe it is 2016 already!). She described her dream wedding gown to be “simple, elegant, refreshing.” After a few dozen emails later and just two fittings we fast forward to their wedding day on December 12, 2015. Out with the frou-frou, pouffy or bold. Trish wanted easy and carefree, just how she is when she’s smiling, natural never contrived (I’m sure you can tell by her pictures).

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Blushing Bride: Chingkay met Chingkay through my very supportive and loyal friend, Arianne, who’s been my friend since third grade! They’re lawyers from the same firm and I’m so glad Arianne referred her to me. Not only is Chingkay lovely, she has a very pleasant mild-mannered personality (but a toughie at court!) When she wore her wedding gown for the first time in my bridal boutique, there was definitely a wow factor, she was blooming BLOOMING. She definitely exemplifies what is means to be a blushing bride. =)

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Pretty Touches of Beadwork and Lace the best subject I ever read on my inbox was “My beautiful wedding dress” from one of my brides Isa. Funny thing was a guy referred her to me, nope not a girl… Enrico happened to be the groom and was a good friend of mine way back in college as freshmen in Ateneo. Isa also just happened to be a schoolmate from Poveda. Of course the pressure was on! Isa was already so pretty as it is and I had to make sure her wedding gown would be perfect on her even while I was pregnant. I definitely didn’t want to disappoint anyone especially the groom who was so supportive and who entrusted the love of his life to me.

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Justine’s Classic and Romantic Wedding Gown

Camille Garcia Wedding Dress
Justine was actually referred by another one of my blushing brides Bani.=)  I’m so lucky to have worked with these two wonderful women. Was completely floored when I read Justine’s message, it definitely made me smile from ear to ear.=) Take a look at the beautiful bride, her photos speak louder than words.

Here’s Justine’s message:

Hi Camille!

First of all congratulations on the arrival of your little angel! I am sure you and your hubby are enjoying every happy moment with your little one.

This message is long overdue. I just want to say THANK YOU for making my lovely wedding dress! It was modern but classic, romantic but not too ‘frou-frou’ – exactly what I envisioned it to be! Having my dress done two months before the wedding was icing on the cake and it surely took one big weight off my shoulders. It’s not just your creativity that is admirable, but your time/project management skills, too! Haha.

After my final dress fitting, I sent a picture of my dress to my mom who can be overly critical. Her reply was very short but sweet: “Your dress is beautiful!” Even my sister, aunts and close friends agreed. They can also be my worst critics so I know they did not say it just to flatter the bride-to-be. Again, thank you! Please also extend my thanks to Rona who patiently assisted me during the wedding preparations.

Here are some pictures of me wearing your lovely creation. Pictures are by Nicolai Melicor, our wedding photographer.

All the best,

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Camille Garcia Bridal Couture featured in Asian Dragon Weddings thrilled to see my gowns featured in Asian Dragon Weddings for the very first time!=) My heartfelt appreciation to the fabulous stylist, Jear De Mc Cuttac, for his continuous support and confidence in my designs. Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac Styling Associates: Kaye Awatin, Loi Villarama Photography: Rxandy Capinpin Photography Assistant: Jerby Tebelin Make-up: Hanna Pechon for Shu Uemura Model: Ayumi Set Design: Red Mil and Nikki Tagayon Props: Mike Ruiz Bouquets: Ray Montes and Bing Montes of Scenta It’s a great feeling to see my gown in a spread.=) everywhere, grab a copy!=)