Destination Debut, Keilah at 18

Meet Keilah.πŸ’ƒ The first time I met this pretty debutante was during her first fitting about 2 weeks before her debut. We got through all the details through viber and email since she was coming all the way from Adelaide, Australia. During her only fitting, we just finalized the length of her gown–that was it, no adjustments since the fitting was perfect! The entire time she was such a courteous lady, which was no surprise since her family was incredibly warm and down to earth. You know how families should be, that was THEM. So thank you Keilah for the trust and for choosing me to execute your dream gown for your 18th birthday.

To make logisitics even more challenging, Keilah was having her debut in Tagaytay. In the end, it all worked out smoother than I can possibly imagine. I even ended up creating her mom and sister’s dresses. πŸ˜‰

Received this wonderful message from Keilah:

“Hi Ms. Camille,

Just wanted to share with you some photos from my debut. I don’t think I was able to thank you enough for creating such a beautiful gown! Thank you po for making an amazing gown beyond my expectations. I loved it!Β My debut won’t be perfect po without your creation! “
Photos: Den Montero
Den_montero_debut_villa-ibarra-tagaytay_keilah (479) copy
camille garcia debut gown
camille garcia debutante
camille garcia debut gown designer phDen_montero_debut_villa-ibarra-tagaytay_keilah (195) copy
camille garcia debut gown designer ph
camille garcia debut gown designer phdebut gown designer manila
debut gown designer maniladebut gown designer pasig

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Compelled by fresh inspired ideas and with an exacting approach to proportion and fit, Camille Garcia creates a bridal couture aesthetic that is distinctively refined and polished.

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